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April 22, 2005


Great post!

When I say that we need to have software that thrills I am TOTALLY on the same page as you. It MUST be reliable. After all, does any software that crashes thrill you? It sure doesn't thrill me to get a blue screen of death. Or a virus. Or spyware. Or malware.

So, yes, fundamentals are totally at the base of this.

Why does Skype thrill? It doesn't have a killer UI. It doesn't have 3D buttons or anything superficial. It just had awesome audio quality from the first time I used it and it works more than other software. I note that MSN Messenger's audio features don't work between my son's computer and me, while Skype's do.

So, which one thrills?

And, yes, I agree there are smart people working here and yes, I agree that we need to change this company if it'll thrive longterm. Letting employees blog, I think, will play out as something that was fundamental in keeping Microsoft relevant over the long term.

Thanks for the great post.

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