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May 30, 2005


Coming from someone who is now 6 hours into the process of installing new hard drives on his 3 kids computers, installing XP, updating, installing office, updating, registering, etc, etc., I'd take that $129 offer right now.

Like you say, it seems ridiculous until you quote the hourly rate. I'll have spent $1,000 of my time to upgrade my kids computers.

Their careful sales pitch makes more sense when you realize that the $129 for setup (and whatever interest people pay when they forget about that "no payments for 12 months" offer and let more than 12 months elapse) probably represent the only profit for Best Buy on your purchase. The only things in the store that have any margin for the store are cables, blank media, service, credit, and extended warrantees...which helps explain why they're casual about selling you a laptop but really excited about selling you credit and services.

Of course, if you're running windoze and don't have a current image, I suppose $129 to avoid the setup treadmill would be a worthwhile investment.

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