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May 08, 2005


Seth is often misunderstood, methinks.

The trouble with journalists is they have a very big blind spot.

Namely, they actually don't do anything themselves. They just watch other people doing stuff, then they write about it.

That refusal to get one's hands dirty kinda limits their ability to tell a story.

Think of all the cool bloggers you like to read. How many of them are doing other things besides blogging that are quite interesting? I'd hazard a guess that the answer would be- a lot.

You can subscribe to the Sunday NYT in Canada. The Globe and Mail can hook you up. It just isn't Sunday morning without a nice cup of tea and the Times.

The trouble with journalists' blind spot is that they're getting paid a livable salary to watch other people do things, and to hang around with other people who watch other people do things.

Maybe a few people are pulling in enough revenue from their blogs to pay for their bandwidth bills, and a few more are nominally in the black, but _nobody_ is making enough money from blogging that they can afford to do it to the exclusion of all other activity. This mandatory connection to the real world can exert a salutary influence.

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