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June 11, 2005


"Update: my readers have convinced me this is a juvenile thing to do. So, I'm striking it out."

Scoble pulled out of this stupid idea, and damn right too. Pretty stupid thing to say on the spur of the moment..

Scoble crossed out the suggestion but it is still readable. Or was when I looked at it.
The real problem is not the idea of Google bombing, although that was ill-advised at best, but taking one paragraph and jumping to a conclusion that isn't fully supported by the rest of the article. That seems to be fairly typical in blogs. It's human nature of course but the difference between blogging and the MSM is that in the MSM some editor would be likely to question it before it was printed. In the blogosphere there are not enough people going back to original source unless someone disagrees with the blogger. In other words if someone agrees with how Robert interprets a paragraph he quotes from another blog not many will go back to the original (more complete) article for the full context. I mean it is Steve Rubel or it is Robert Scoble or both! How could they both be wrong?

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