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July 03, 2005


Hard job? Wander around campus sticking cameras at people, defending MFST in blogger forums, supplanting PR - Wagged as his slave, worldwide junket and jaunting all over and attending all the cool tech conferences known to mankind (for free), eat at thousands of blogger dinners, become a cyber-celebrity with a big microphone, get in tons of newspapers, mags and press bits (while not having to write a lick of code), get invited to lots of insider parties, and other big events, get advance cuts on new software. Talk with VIPs, dine with Gates, wander around campus bigger than God, as HR can't really touch him. Gosh, unsurmountable amount of heavy toil there.

Thanks Rick, for making my year.

That MAPI T-shirt is still one of my most prized possessions from my time in Redmond.

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