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March 13, 2006


Wow. Better 34,000 than 3,400, right?

too funny...i've seen that screen as well...sfo - munich...almost same experience...

oh, and congrats! you are now part of the Slingers' Mile High club ...the few, the proud (well-sorta)

send me mail for the club tshirt...

great post

sling media

Wow... at least they had the option of ctrl+alt+del instead of it BSOD'ing and the thing just crashing ;->

*rotfl* :)

You could have had your dog with you.... see But at least Alec was not subject to the life threatening whims of ctrl-alt-del. "Would you like to shut down, restart, or hibernate this aircraft or just stand by (and pray)?"

What would be scarier is that other old Microsoft favorite: "A fatal error has occured and your machine will now shut down"

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