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March 01, 2006


That's hilarious. How far along do you usually like people to be when they come in for these no harm no fouls, i.e. before or after they have angel investment.

It really doesn't matter as it is no harm, no foul. I'm happy to talk with anybody about great ideas.

I was just reading this the other day:

You may find it interesting... "When Stealth mode goes wrong."

'certain technologies which leave one fulfilled yet empty at the same time"
Online Dating?
PR Blogs?
Gated Blogging?
Laundry Baskets without Wheels?

Do you do no harm no foul meetings over the telephone? Email?

Email, goto meeting, skype, netmeeting (no, really!) in person, etc.

stealth mode is just another buzz-creation vehicle. look at ingenio's release of ether. by positioning this new service as coming out of stealth mode, it got everyone overly excited as if they were discovering something completely new. if you look at the coverage within the blogosphere - ether's target market - it was a smashing success.

Could be, Mark. In time, I suspect, it will be another overworked term that will loose meaning!

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