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March 31, 2006


Of course, if he had a landline phone, he'd be trying (and failing, thanks to the Doctrine of Sovereign Immunity) to sue the police 911 dispatcher for putting him on hold.

Does he think only VoIP companies do that?

I'm immediately starting to wonder how long it will take before home insurance companies start charging higher rates for people who don't have "standard" phone lines.

I suspect that if even one of them started making noise about such, it would shake up the VoIP industry rather a lot, and get some sort of "will work reliably for 911" process in place pretty quick.

Also, what about the potential benefits of having an arrangement much like cell phones are required to, where any cell phone can call 911 regardless of whether it has an active contract?

- Brooks

Or we could home is more precious, so i will either Have a second line for 911 purposes OR always keep a cell phone handy.

It is easy to blame the 'system/people/everyone else but me', what we dont realize is that we get what we sign for. I am a vonage user, and I would be furious if they did that to me. But, hell, I signed the 911 liability clause when I signed up for vonage.

Like Matt says, you can have a landline and still have something to gripe about. And brooks, dont give the insurance any ideas please.

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