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May 27, 2006


Wow..that's a pretty impressive itinerary.

Looking forward to the Canadian tour, as right here in Toronto, we at Zytran are working on making a dent in the web universe and creating a completely new experience.

Very cool. If you have space on the Canadian tour I'd love to come along. Not as a VC, but to help early entrepreneurs through some of the lessons we've learned. We know we still have more to learn, but any way we can empower the Canadian entrepreurial community is hugely exciting to me :)

(speaking of which, we need to talk about doing a startup camp in T-Dot... I keep forgetting to mention it to you)

Sounds like a great trip!

Sorry to hear you won't get Down Under for a beer and to hear about real innovation ;-)


I'll be at reboot8
lets make sure we meet and talk before/during/after the conference


Hope to catch you in Bombay

May I suggest Bulgaria?

I'm with Darren on this one. Come to Australia. There's other continents than South Africa South of the Equator. :)

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