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May 04, 2007


I agree - regardless of whether it's economically practical to provide this kind of service to everyone possible, the processes should still be in place. it seems to me that the only point at which you'd stop providing service like that was when it put you on track to go out of business.

of course, i also wonder how many personal emails Steve Jobs is getting now!

I first read this entry while I was in Chicago for a conference, and it was reflected quite interestingly in the treatment I got at the Wyndham hotel there.

As it happens, because I'm on the Wyndham "By Request" program, when we got to our room there was a small plate of fruit and some bottled water and juice, and a pleasant card from the By Request manager welcoming me. A couple of minutes after we'd settled in, housekeeping knocked on my door to deliver the extra pillow that I like to have. All internet, local, and long-distance calls from the room were free. And, in general, I got quite excellent service.

Now, the interesting thing there is -- all I did to be in this program was sign up (for free) five minutes before I made my reservation. It's not something reserved for frequent customers, either; as far as I can remember, I've never stayed at one of their hotels before.

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