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May 14, 2007


if this works well i'm their first customer.

i gave tungle a try but the p2p aspect didnt do it for me. i since moved to a combination of google calendar and calgoo - - it let me import my outlook apts and import a couple ical calendars in addition to the google cal sync. ive been using it since it got a good review on webworker daily.

food for thought


It looks nifty. Calendaring is definitely far from being solved in many different ways...

I think the greatest barrier is that both users have to be Tungle users.

Frequent meetings I have with my team, who all have Goocal. Infrequent meetings I would schedule with someone that I might only have met a few times, and therefore wouldn't try to convince them to sign up for a service, just in order to figure out when they are available.

Or am I missing something here?

Hi Henk, indeed, our research shows that 40% of people's meetings are with individuals that you don't know well and/or you meet sporadically.

Our current version of Tungle does a really good job at addressing the other 60% of meetings. It is designed to allow anyone, using different calendaring systems to share their availability before deciding on a time to meet.

We are currently working on addressing the remaining 40% that you described. Our objective is to make it fast and easy for any Tungle user to coordinate a meeting - without requiring the other party to be a Tungle user.

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