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February 21, 2008


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VC's have been my best friends and my worst enemies, in ways that are not always within my immediate control. I have come to respect Venture Capitalist as a profession, which I believe is the least understood if not the most misunderstood. [Read More]


Hi Rick,

Great post. So many times I get asked what it takes to get VC money. Now I can save my breath and point them to this post!



I'm Breno from Brazil. I have a important question that is killing me and a really appreciate if you could help me.
I have a great idea that I and my partners are developing in Brazil. That idea will help thousands of people to get health care. People which don't have that opportunity.
My question is: which are the chances of me to find investors there (foreigners) to invest here (Brazil). It's important to mention that this startup will only act nationally.
I really wish it because I want to expand the network and opportunities for this startup in the future. And, because I think it would be great for my experience.

Could you help this idea? What can I do?

Thanks, Breno.

Wow thx a lot Rick! Straight and to the point as usual. :)

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