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July 13, 2008


Seth doesn't appear to accept comments, so I thought I'd comment here..

The Wii is still scarce after 18 months. I finally found one today, whereas the iPhone's scarcity will probably only last a week.

Is the iPhone's scarcity a manufactured problem or a manufacturing problem? Is Nintendo's?

I find the balance between real scarcity and manufactured scarcity a fine line to tread, but even after 18 months, Nintendo still seem to be getting away with it...

Well, in my case I had a late night last Thursday so I got up, checked out our company's position in the Apple App Store (yes, we were there on day one) and wandered down to my local Rogers store at 9:20am. It opened at 10am and I was 4th in line and they had a total of six I got one. Rogers activation systems promptly crashed for about seven hours so I didn't get activated on Rogers until about 5pm. However, being a local store they just took my number, put my name on the box and called me in when the activation systems were working. I scratched my head all day wondering how bad their infrastructure must be to have stayed down for so long. Crashing I can understand...but staying down?

I took the phone home and iTunes did its thing to complete the a few seconds. I know the iTunes servers were choked earlier in the day, but with Rogers being down so long most of us Canadians never got to experience anything but the problems in the Rogers systems. The Rogers staff were very nice, friendly, helpful and understanding. A huge two-thumbs up to my local store's staff!

An interesting side voice plan remained the same as my BlackBerry BUT the $60 BlackBerry plan was replaced with the $30 iPhone data plan. In other's cheaper than my BB and my payback period is now 8 months given my device cost of $249 Cdn.


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