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January 15, 2009


Hi Rick,

This is the exact problem we are solving --


"Boil em." hahahahahahahahaha. Classic.
The real War is between Fairmount and St-Viateur

The Praized guys will argue that they are working exactly on what you describe.
Haven't seen the iPhone app yet.

Ha. I had this same problem but it was phrased as the google query "best mexican brunch in san fran".

Which, incidentally, was found to be this place (yum):

"Or I could, tonight, put this bagel thing as my status on Facebook, post a bagel question on LinkedIn (and probably get thrown off), etc, but it’s not the way the masses think. We are spontaneous. We start jonesing for that bagel and we want it now. Yes, you could hit Twitter with this as soon as you start to twitch with a bagel need."

Wow. You have perfectly described Praized Answers!

I just asked the question, it was sent to my (considerable) network on Twitter (@afrognthevalley), Facebook, and FriendFeed.

Check out the answers here
it usually takes about 15-30 minutes to get good answers from people you trust.

Or iPhone App (should be) released in early February on the iTune Store and on Google code (it will be open source, Apache 2 license like most of our client librairies for our API).

If anyone is interested to beta test our app you can send me your UDID (see to learn how)


Actually Rick, SM2 collects Yelp. You can use social media monitoring to source your bagel fix including geo-targeting. You can judge the authority of the opinions, tracks sources by really pissed off or really sweet (actually the tone measurements are Very Positive/Very Negative), get updates in real time letting you know if a snowstorm has closed the bagel bakery via Twitter, etc. etc.
Now will you fund us? ;-)

If I were a mouse I would go to Absolute Bagels too. They rock.

For what it's worth, I find that I use CitySearch and MenuPages moreso than the sites you listed. To me, they seem to have more/better user feedback, especially for NYC.


You have perfectly articulated the problem that Praized is already solving. You should check out the Praized Answers service and stay tuned for some pretty exciting ways Praized is going to transform the "local" landscape.

While I remain an avid St Viateur bagel fan, it amazes me that we, in the Capital (the Canadian Capital), have been ignored (again!). The real quality bagel comes from Ottawa, the Ottawa Bagel Shop on Wellington. Had I read this earlier I would have sent a dozen to the meeting to give you all a real treat!

Not an easy problem to solve, but a very good idea.

I have a similar problem where lets say I'm driving somewhere and I want to eat some pizza. I put 'pizza' in my GPS and it gives me a huge-list of pizza stores near me. Well thank you, but I'd rather have a list ordered by:

- most popular pizzeria
- review/score
- distance

Sure if I had a GPS device with yelp integration, it would give me POIs with reviews. But yelp itself isn't that great when it comes to reviews - reviews only become meaningful when you have a couple of them for say a restaurant and are relatively recent.

I think what you need to really do is make reviewing places more accessible. For instance a wonderful iPhone app that actually made it easy create reviews for retail stores by say looking at your current GPS coordinates and guessing what store you want to review about.

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