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September 27, 2009


Sorry for misunderstanding your meaning in the other post. Suffice it to say, when it comes from a VC (not YOU, that was my mistake), "they say it like it's a 'bad thing'"

Welcome to the dark side Rick. It's fun here.

Well said. I have one of those "lifestyle businesses". It took four years to build it an inch at a time, but today it generates plenty of cash and continues to grow without much effort. In fact, I just got back from two weeks in Europe during which my site just kept paying...

No more working for VCs.

A reader shared this link with me - some great suggestions of alternate names for "lifestyle business"

The same perjorative label applies in all fields. I work 60 hours/week instead of 100 hours and yet somehow my law firm is considered a "lifestyle firm". I love my clients, have fun doing great work *and* my kids recognize me. I think the people who call it a "lifestyle" are just jealous.

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