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February 22, 2005


Good discussion on many common rumors heard when talking about VC. It seems as though it is always viewed the the big bad bear to the meek, mild, sometimes reclusive gearhead building the stuff that they will ultimately make millions on (smarty money).

However, I disagree on the "we're only hear to make money" point of view. Well, sort of. We are all in some sort of business to make money, but I think there is an equilibrium struck between that notion and those that are in it because they love it as well. Yes, you will always have the jokers that went through school, got the paper, got into the industry of their choosing and say, "where's my money -- I'm owed something in a big way." Can't escape that from what I've seen. However, the good ones rise above all that and are in it for two reasons 1) to make money 2) they freakin' love it. Maybe that balance isn't always even, but it doesn't have to be in order to spin the cogs of success; it just has to be there. The thought of only being in business to make money is a funny thing. It sounds so cold, so marketing teams will work overtime to prevent customers from having it enter their thoughts - but at the end of the day, doing that is only percolating an ideal - one that needs to be there in order to make those customers feel at ease with working alongside a provider.

But what do I know?

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