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March 19, 2005


If you perfer rent a coder over elance more power to you. There is nothing wrong with others perfering elance. It is a good company that pays for itself in the end. It is a good for screening out those that are willing to work for dribble. I am personally happy that so many Americans prosper with it. The earned 70, million with their business. In reality this is a success for most people that want to have a successful business but I get you would not understand that.

Elance pays itself in the end, not for itself.

Only 2 of the top 25 earners are strictly US-based. Most of the people making their money on elance are from outside the U.S. Egregious outsourcing vehicle, lowballing and trends that are not helpful to the marketplace for certain freelancers like designers and others. Over 700 of their Select program payers -- who at last check were paying $30 a month -- have ZERO earnings.

The program doesn't work unless you do high volume work for dirt wages from within Asia or Eastern Europe.

RAC is a bad site. The majority of the coders are incompetent & unreliable. As long as you do not get into any ugly arbitration, you are fine. If you do get into an arbitration, guess have to deal with a bunch of arbitrators who are equally incompetent & unreliable.

Birds of a feather flock together :-)

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