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April 19, 2005


My attitude, when presenting to potential investors, amounts to "this is who I am...and if I have to pretend to be someone else in order to get your money, then even if I managed to pull it off, I'd only be buying us both a world of pain down the road". Then they can choose to buy into me and my idea, or they can choose not to...but either way, we'll both walk out with an _honest_ assessment of the situation.

Maybe I could have quit the "day job" sooner if I'd done things differently...but then I'd always be looking over my shoulder, waiting for the day I had to battle my investors to the death for control of my company. Much better, I think, to wait until I can find people that are convinced on the merits.

Anyway...sounds like a day I'd have enjoyed.

Amen, Matt. It's all about who you are, in the end anyway. Thanks for stopping by

I was once pitching a potential client who proceeded to answer his cell phone mid-meeting. At first i was offended (or thinking that i might be giving the worst pitch ever), but when realizing it was his wife/kid and saw how he interacted with them...he went from "potential client and source of revenue" to a guy i genuinely liked and wanted to work with.

His company was compelling...but that 10 seconds was the most impactful part of our meeting (at least to me).

Excellent post and a great example for how a review should go. Instead of telling me the 'cliff notes' of Seth Godin (ie regurging factoids), you really provide insight into the value of the time and the opportunities for learning provided.

As someone who is drooling over the idea of attending someday (while my startup budget weeps at the very idea), it is wonderful to get a real grasp of what I'd be getting for my money.

Thanks for a great post!

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