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May 21, 2005


Sorry, I disagree with you on most of this.

First, if you don't participate in the conversation WHILE IT IS GOING ON you will be forgotten. You won't exist. Why? Because of the linking structure of weblogs. So, your advice is VERY BAD for companies to follow if they want to participate in the conversation. Er, if they want to show up in the Google or Feedster or Technorati results later on.

Second, your characterising my linking behavior as misquoting is incorrect too and shows an-old-school viewpoint. Misquoting is when I change what you said. I didn't do that. I selected one quote, yes, but I also did something magical: I linked to your entire post so that my readers could decide for themselves who has the better point (and, even, to see if I misquoted you).

Maybe I took it too personally, but the whole post was about me so...

Thanks for the conversation.

I've been called old-school before, Robert, it is not a problem for me. You make my point for me, with your comment about technorati, google, etc. That is my point. You don't have to dive onto something immediately as you point out, it gets into the 'track.' Thoughtful commentary makes it into the stream just like 4am posts. But we can disagree, be boring if we didn't.

As for the other, you missed the point which was I didn't take a cheap shot at you. As for the post being about you, well, I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader.

Thanks for stopping by.

Ahh, but you missed my point about linking. The first people to post on a topic get more inbound links. That raises their post up on Google, which is the engine most "normal" people use.

So, in a week, if you search for something and accidentally come across this thread, which posts will be at the top of the page (the part that gets the most traffic)?

Hint: in my experience it's the ones that participate in the very opening moments of a conversation on weblogs. Those that come later get far fewer inbound links, so appear lower.

I totally disagree that you can wait until later in this new world. It's why I'm in the Economist and Fortune and Forbes and other, "take the safe road" employees are not. It's also why I have more Google juice than Steve Ballmer does (according to the Wall Street Journal).

I didn't miss that point. I responded to it elsewhere. I should have responded here, too. I apologize for taking it that way.

We are, in our own way, saying the same thing but you are putting the emphasis on being first, if I can generalize a bit. I'll think about your Juice comments and offer a blog posting on it, but first I have to go take a nap, old school, ya know.. you kids.. :-)

This makes for a good debate, old school vs.... I mentioned it to our Reboot friends. Maybe we can get Hugh to make a cartoon on it, man, that would be top of the coolness chart!

(I wonder if anybody reads the comments besides those of us who write em.)

Good question about comments. I do find I get a little bit of traffic from them. I do read a LOT of other people's comments, even ones I don't comment on myself, so anecdotally I assume other people will find it (the comments are more interesting down the road when people find these things through search engines).

I'm not so young. I'm 40. I need a nap too.

Yeah, keep in mind that blog commentary is like wet concrete. The time to write your name on the concrete is while the concrete is wet. Already I can tell most readers have moved onto some other story. So, someone who chimes in with an interesting post now will probably be ignored.

It's an artifact of how blogs, and search engines, work.

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