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May 19, 2005


Just last night I was trying to determine what the cost per TV show will be when a video iTunes becomes available. If I bought a season of 24 on DVD at Amazon, the cost per episode is about $1.70.

Why was I doing this? Because I watch all of my TV as HDTV XVID BitTorrent downloads. I can even reencode the file and stick it onto a Sony PSP. TV now conforms to my schedule, location, and device. I can sample an episode. If I like it, I can grab a full season (and past seasons). Plus I save 8hrs of my time per season because the commercials are removed.

This now has TV running parallel with music. I like a song, so I buy an album. I like the album, so I start buying the back catalog. Similar to music, Hollywood is hunting down traders rather than provide a legal alternative (like iTunes).

Now I just need some somewhere to automatically aquire and manage my media for all devices.


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