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August 15, 2005


Now think of a tablet mac ;)))

Sorry to be pedantic, but it's a Mac, not a MAC. Mac is short for Macintosh, it's not an acronym of any sort. Yes, yes, I apologize. Too many years spend as a copywriter I guess.

Andreas beat me to it. I kept thinking, "Rick's got a new network card?" :-)

(MAC = Media Access Control, as in "MAC address")

Apple's software is wonderful, but I can't live with their notebook hardware. No TrackPoint? Forget it!

I'm planning on getting a Mac Mini for some compatibility testing, but I'll boot it headless (no keyboard or display) and drive it through one of my ThinkPads with VNC or the like. Either that or get a TrackPoint keyboard to use with it.

But first, I have a shiny new ThinkPad X41 Tablet to play with. One new computer at a time is enough!

Well I treat my tablet like a piece of art and I know someone who treats his PowerBook like crap. :)

The grass is always greener on the other side. I bought a PowerBook about a year ago and sold it to my friend after about a week. Useless to me. Everything I need/want is Windows.

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