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September 07, 2005


That's a very thoughtful gesture and sounds like a perfect solution. I live in Washington, D.C. and will push the link to this blog post to as many people as I know locally. Hopefully, it will get to a person who can make this happen in short order.

Also, I think the chances of getting this to move quickly are much better if this information can get to a U.S. Senator or Rep who can champion the rebuilding effort.


I wonder if it would make sense to contact Habitat for Humanity about this?

Read about your idea at GapingVoid.

I'm working on connecting Presbyterian churches across the country to churches in the hurricane zone. My interest is in long-term partnership for both church restoration and community rebuilding.

What you offer fits within that plan.

Here's my suggestion for how you should approach this.

Clean up is going to take some time. So what is needed now is a communication strategy that gets Genesis before all the small, local organizations that will be involved in community rebuilding. Many of these will be churches.

I'd create a specialized blog and online forum focused on how to rebuild the building infrastructure of whole towns. For example, there is a forum operated by the Presbyterian Church that is focused on Displaced Persons - . A similar forum could be established to start the conversation that leads communities forward in understanding what is needed to rebuild.

I don't think you can avoid working with local governments. But you can position yourself best by making sure you have local support.

If you want to talk about this, give me a call at 828/275-1803.

Oh, one last thought, this is going to be a very long process for these communities. We who live outside of the hurricane zone need manage our emotions and expectations for what is to happen. It is more important to do what we can now, with a eye to next September still being involved in helping.

small town big need

Hello, everyone.

We're on the same page - the Katrina devastation is simply a tragedy - in the dictionary, under tragedy, is a 50-mile-up photo of New Orleans, and the surrounding areas similarly impacted.

I know of a company that specializes in fast construction, hurricane-wind-resistant houses. Although it sounds opportunist in nature, it is a good opportunity to get real houses back in to the area, should the ground be stable for it. Most of all, they are extremely inexpensive!

If anyone down there is interested, I will ask him to give a call - shoot me an email. I know the president, and he would be overjoyed to get the business, and personally go down to help!

Thanks, and our best to all of those dealing with this terrible situation.


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