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September 13, 2005


Not too surprising that Nicole got this wrong. I'm not sure she's spinning it though. I think it's more likely, given her level of legal abilities, that she just really didn't understand the decision.

How very interesting. Groklaw -- after looking at the actual court filings, rather than merely the news stories about them -- claims completely the opposite from what you claim; they say this is indeed a good outcome for Google. (Reference: You can read that for details; it sounds convincing to me. I won't comment further on the case itself, except that it sounds like Microsoft is doing a rather significant lot of spinning, too.

On the subject of things actually on-topic, though, I think it's interesting to compare the two company's approaches to the spinning, and what worked and what didn't. Google's doing spin by blogger here; Microsoft's doing spin by press releases, and by actually talking to the reporters, which Google -- in the case of CNet -- isn't.

It appears that, judging based on who convinced you that their spin was truth, Microsoft (with the traditional methods) won, and Google (with blogging) lost.

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