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September 02, 2005


It's not FUD if you're talking about the terrific stuff _your_ company is doing. It's FUD if you're spreading nasty rumors about your _competitors_.

The worst possible outcome of "these terrific new things about our stuff" is that your audience of potential customers won't agree that those things are terrific. Difference of opinion...big deal.

If you're not talking about the competition, it's not FUD. If you're not within smelling distance of the line between marketing and libel, it's not FUD. Indeed, if there's any way what you're doing could possibly be thought of as anything other than FUD, it's not FUD.

Even though I hate Microsoft and everything they stand for, I'm not dense enough to think that anything they say about software must necessarily be FUD. And if the folks inside MS are excited about the stuff they're doing and they think these features are cool...well, good for them.

Matt is correct. See here:

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