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September 06, 2005


Wow...thought they would be charged!
Am I gonna be charged since you loaded your links with the "A" list...what's that about? Doc has the phrase "War on Error" but what do the rest bring to the table? Are you just being a "Link Slut"?

[Read the links, make up your own mind, thanks for stopping by]

Umm, I heard Babs and thought it was disgusting. Having too many people stay in Houston may not be a great idea, but saying that this is "working well for them" is disgusting.

It's not totally unreasonable to think that you would be charged. In a wide-scale emergency I know that I won't get charged, but people are charged for ambulances all the time. (Taxes used to pay for this, but not anymore.)

Barbara Bush simply stated off the cuff what Jack Shafer wrote in "Don't Refloat: The case against rebuilding the sunken cith of New Orleans" Slate Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2005 After what seems significant research, Shafer wrote,"Unless the government works mightily to reverse migration, a positive side effect of the uprooting of thousands of lives will be to deconcentrate one of the worst pockets of ghetto poverty in the United States.

Bill, I didn't love the Shafer article, but it doesn't descend to the same level as Barbara Bush's comments. People may choose to stay in Texas, but the idea that being flooded out of your home and stranded in a sports complex is a good deal is just revolting.

Tragic in the short term. Possibly a better life for the upcoming generation. Depends on your frame of reference

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