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September 24, 2005



Get Skype 1.4, then use Tools / Options / Voice Mail and Call Forwarding to forward the skype caller to your PSTN number at your expense.

No... it's not free for you the business owner, yet, but if you visit the SkypeJournal, you'll read that Bill Campbell is playing with a Skype / PSTN router that can take a Skype call and route it to your PBX.


Gosh, this sounds awfully close to
the discussion Stuart Henshall []
and I had at VON on Wednesday. Stuart feels there is more value for developers building applications around this concept if Skype would invoke "Call Transfer" which he differentiates as close to but not exactly Call Forwarding.

Yup - I had the same conversation with Stuart. You wouldn't need the PBX in the picture at all if Skype implemented a few of these APIs.

Nice idea. It is taking the IM for live call center chat idea and adding voice. Sweet.

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