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October 02, 2005


whatabout peanut butter wiki?

Your spot on, Rick. It's not about tech, it's about useful, simple, easy solutions to common problems.

Re: integrating Writeboard into Basecamp. It's in the cards. The first step was to integrate it into Backpack (which it is -- there's a Writeboards tab in everyone's Backpack now and you can also attach a Writeboard to any Backpack page). Basecamp is more complex so it's going to take a little more work but it's on the way.

And we have 2 more apps in development -- both will be integrated into our other apps. Stay tuned.

Thank you. I am so glad someone finally said it. I too have had it up to here with bloggers talking about web 2.0 and companies touting their services as such. Reminds me when everyone was talking about business 2.0 back in the 90s.

Besides, who is really to say when this web 2.0 phenomenon has finally arrived? Will they then immediatley start talking about web 3.0? I hope not.

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