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October 31, 2005


You are SSSSOOOOOO right on! Are you listening in?

Your second and third observations contradict one least to anyone who groks what most of the Google-loving community means when they say "evil". (We have nothing whatsoever against "greed" in the sense of steering massive quantities of money into the coffers of companies that provide things that the market wants. We have a VERY GREAT DEAL against licensing terms which allow the provider of an underlying service to cherry-pick the most commercially viable applications other people build on top of that service, and then steal them.)

"Good vs evil" is _about_ the fact that folks feel confident that they can make whatever amount of money their markets are willing to give them, if they do it in the Google space...but if they work in the Microsoft space they know they'll only remain profitable as long as they're too small for Microsoft to expend the attention and resources necessary to kill them.

I do agree, though, about the increasing (and joyous) popularity of those quaint old-fashioned notions about making money by building stuff people want to pay for, instead of simply riding the wave of a trend and hoping not to be the first surfer to run out of greater-fools.

Rick, great observations. Microsoft and Google are destined to compete for the hearts and minds of developers and users. I don't think it will be a head to head battle for a while since MS and Google approach the market very differently.

I am reminded of a quote "In a fight between a grizzly bear and an alligator, the terrain determines the winner", meaning that each company has its strength and position in the market. The company that crosses over to fight on the others turf is likely to lose.

Which company do you think will leave its powerbase to engage in battle on the others turf?

Don Dodge

I think that entire notion and hype of Google vs. Microsoft is a bit overrated, it’s like Yankees going at Red Sox, eventually people and analyst will get over it and realize that like Yankees Microsoft just has better players and although that does not guarantee victory in every single world series but it does allow them to perform consistency better than others including Red Sox or for that matter Google….

I think that these firms competing will definitely be good for the industry and amazing for the consumers. The bottom-line Google only makes revenue from selling ads and although the pie is getting bigger it can’t continue to grow with the same pace and thus Google might be inducted in the hall of fame as Novell. Netscape and Red Hat…

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