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October 18, 2005


You hit the nail on the head about developer ecosystem here. Macromedia is trying to appear developer-friendly and they don't quite get it.

Microsoft (Borg or not) does seem to get it. Robert Scoble has it right: basically, he isn't afraid to engage with people. He welcomes it.

Hi Rick, Bill Perry is indeed a staffer here at Macromedia... we first met when he was an indy developer, and he joined just about a year ago, sits two cubes away from me.

Of course, now you may wonder about me, but that's okay.... ;-)

(I come out of tech support, and have a very different experience of private email exposure than do hired-in bloggers on the conference circuit. Bill provided a job-specific alias which directly reached his mailbox.)

I can't speak freely on this issue, frankly... there are issues which certain partners you mention did not want public, and poor Bill took it on the chin for that, caught between a rock and a hard place.

... and I think, right now, that's all I can actually say. Forgive me...? ;-)


... bump.... ;-)

Hmm, not only did Rick never reply to the above, I just learned today of some ancient history, where Rick himself was accused of identity fakery in online discussions... use search term "bartko incident segal canopus" to find out more.

Rick, do you have any counter to the above literature? What's your side of the story...?

(We first "met" online when Steve Banfield was doing Microsoft multimedia evangelism on CompuServe.)


Two things.

1. Didn't see there was anything to reply to. Adobe/Macromedia had already contacted me offline and that's that.

2. Old news, nothing to add.

What's with the supportinfo email address? You guys can't use/have your own?

Hmm, that's odd, I don't see my previous reply... maybe it didn't take.

Generic address came years ago, when we public-facing tech support staff noticed many of us would get private support requests in parallel, each of us investing in private reply. That's why I keep conversation in the public realm, myself.

For the astroturfing issue, are you saying that net wisdom on "Steven Bartko" is correct, then? I wanted to hear your side of the story before believing it.

tx, jd

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