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October 24, 2005


You've nicely described a mailing list, specifically Yahoo Groups. Many many people use Y! Groups in just this way.

I totally agree that the space has not been cracked but see more value in "memory preservation" than in the enabling the cat conversation. Arguably, they are the same thing. My problem with this as a business is that you are building a business around the group of people who made photo albums in the analog world. I think the population of folks who have boxes full of photos sitting in the basement is larger than the folks who have the organized photo albums sitting on their bookshelf.

That said, I would be a customer. If only I could get the rest of my family to contribute!

My parents asked if I could do something like this a few years back. It was called "" (domain is still available... it expired a while ago).

The problem: none of the family did anything but email.

My step-family is very close and has organized events rather frequently, and this was originally built because they wanted to keep track of it. Nobody used it. Not even my parents who paid the bills for it.

I think with Web 2.0 it could really be a hit. (just kidding).

If someone creates the family friendly blog, picture album, bulletin board application, then let me know. Oh and it should be multi-lingual too. My family is German, Polish, and English speaking so if it was to be friendly to all members, we would need the user interface in these languages.
Cheers from Switzerland.

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