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December 04, 2005


Mileage runs (definition: trips with the expressed purpose of hitting a status target on a given airline) can be great fun. The best one AC had on offer that I knew of was a few years back, where they did a Q4 thing to Europe where you got something like 4 x miles for the trip, and then double miles for all of the year after. A friend of mine flew round trip YHZ-LHR just to qualify. The best source for details on mileage runs is

And if you're interested in that site, you should also check out which has seat-by-seat commentary, by airline and aircraft, for a goodly portion of the commerical airplanes flying today. Expect comments like "don't sit in seat 36C of airline X's A340-300 in the Type Two configuration because the seat only reclines half-way and the you hear the attendants chatting in the galley." Great hard-core, global road-warrior, travel-geek stuff. At least great if you are such a beast, as I sadly am.

- Stuart

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