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January 06, 2006


Your comment about "...make it cheap, people buy it and don’t steal it..." got me thinking about my home town, Shanghai, and how true it is; well, sort of. In Shanghai, you can buy 2 newly released music CDs for less than a buck, therefore most people in Shanghai don't bother downloading music from the web (i.e. stealing it) is cheaper to just copy music from the CD onto your comp (i.e. bandwidth/connection fees more expensive than the CDs). Then again even if you pay for the CD...being that its pirated and all...that is still stealing...but at least a price point has been established/identified...and I'm sure consumers would pay a couple more RMB for moguls take yeah...I totally agree "make it cheap and they will come”

I buy a lot of stuff online and books and CDs wear out eventually, but they seem to last a whole lot longer than online business models.

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