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January 27, 2006


Hmmm ... they've just done another round.

Having had a demo of TiVo and SlingBox combined while visiting a friend in LA (and keeping in mind TiVo is not "officially" available in Canada so I had no prior exposure to it), I would say the SlingBox/TiVo combination at about $700 is somewhat cheaper than a Windows Media PC at $2,000+. And gives, say, over 75% of the uesful features available in Windows Media PC for managing the TV. And the combo is probably much easier for the average consumer to use; my friend gave an example where, as opposed to VCR's, SlingBox is not left reading "12:00".

Can Microsoft design a low cost consumer product to fit into this market without getting hung up on adding features that 90% of the consumer public would never use? As part of a beta test of a new product I have just had occassion to visit several business offices where I installed some software onto office PC's and provided some training. None of them had even changed their screen resolution from the default of 800 x 600, yet all the monitors were capable of 1024 x 768 at a minimum. Since one criteria for our product is ease of installation by the end user we need to ensure our product smoothly "slides" onto the users' PC's, we had to re-spec our product as a result to fit 800 x 600 monitors.

Last line of first para above should read: '... my friend gave an example where, as opposed to VCR's, **TiVo** is not left reading "12:00".'

funny that i came across your post right after i went to cnet. first thing i see on the front page of cnet is "Scoop: Sony's Slingbox Slayer?"...fortunately, the article was quite favorable for the slingbox.

reading your post couldn't be more timely. thanks :-)

never thought about measuring success this way...perhaps i can sell it to my investors ;-)


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