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January 06, 2006


Oh that is a wonderful story and it shows exactly what I want for everyday people to experience.

And of course challenge programmers to make such things happen ...

Good story, and I see you're still picking up the tab for peoples' meals (I do remember all the lobsters at Legal Seafood in Boston!) - but, America's Worst? Have you learned nothing about flying???


great story, Rick.

Awesome story. As a guy who's flown all over the country on business for the past 7 years, I live for these things. It's amazing what a little knowlege and tact can get you. I'm king of the car rental upgrade for nada...turns out you just gotta ask the rental car guy/ it in a funny way and you'll be surprised at the result ;)

Great story, Rick. Glad it worked for you. I ran into a delay leaving St. Louis for LV on American, started tracking the plane while I was eating in the concourse and came within minutes of missing it because the departure time changed again and the info was out of sync.

Lovely tale - and I though I'm jealous of the upgrade, I applaud your reaching out to the guy who gets stuck in all flight delays, the help.

Technology can often be used to catalyse human contact and human kindness; thanks for the demonstration!

great story - you may enjoy a post I did a few weeks ago about flight tracking on and off the ground...

Great post, I use Flytecomm on my Pocket PC, shows the power of a connected lifestyle...

Sad thing is that the public is more informed than the folks who work for tha airline. The gate agent usually isn't keeping you in the dark because they have some mission to do so. The reality is that the airline keeps them in the dark. You got your seat because you probably just gave that guy the tool he's wanted his whole career - access to information so he can better serve customers.

Wonderful! If this post had pages, it would absolutely qualify as a page-turner. I actually had to plug Motion Tablet into the search box... Nice. Very nice.

While it is all very cool that you can wirelessly watch TV, track your flight, and find restaurants via the New Digital Life, I question whether it is the Wow! factor of the technology that got you first class seats.

Or was it the simple fact that for once, someone offered to do something kind for the counter-person instead of demanding that they do something for them?

I love technology just as much as the next guy and believe that it can bring a lot of good to the world. However, sometimes just being nice to someone having a bad day can positively affect a person's day even more.

I have to agree with Matt that it was the personal touch that got you the upgrade. OK, the technology gave you the ability to make to happen, but if you'd be a jerk, that alone wouldn't have been enough.

As someone who has had to endure endless delays, I can tell you that the airline keeps us as much in the dark as anyone. Passengers who have access to tecnology frequently know more than the flight crew. Sad, but true. In times like that we can be of little help.

Flight checking status, is only one factor in determining when a plane takes off, you have to factor in STMP’s, the AAR and EDCT/GDP too, and they reschedule and rejump things, and you’d miss out on some of the bump and delay freebies (if you’d be so inclined). Still flight intelligence is a great idea, whose time has come, and I love FlyteComm, but when dealing with airlines and the FAA, the unpredictable is the norm.

Thanks for the "plug" you can now get real-time info right on your cell phone from the cell phone carriers, go to the link posted above......Flytecomm data without a PC just your cell phone! The new service will return alternate scheduled flights between city pairs if you query it......... That may be the easy part, paying for a day of flight fare now that is likely to create a nose bleed!

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