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January 28, 2006


Rick, I think that's a great post.

It's like this: whilst I'm as cynical as the next guy, I read everyday and I don't think I'll stop reading it.

I think all of the 70 or so existing vc blogs are on that feed, and except for 1-2 or that fizzled out quickly, all of the authors are pretty sincere - including you.

All of you guys take blogging personally, argue your points of view and fervently respond when people take shots at your posts - and that's just great.

* In case anyone needs it: all vc blogs list

I think the WSJ article was dead on. It would bug me to think about my VC spending loads of time blogging into the wee hours of the night, posting about god knows what including what albums he's currently listening to (updated daily?!). Sure, they can do what ever they damn well please in their free time. But if I saw dozens and dozens of posts per week on crap AND IF (a big if) that VC took a couple of days to return my call or couldn't attend a board meeting because he was too "busy", I would be friggin livid. I would wonder, what if he could spend just 1/10 the time making calls for me, or doing research for me, instead of telling the world what his kids listen to on their iPods. I would resent the hell out of it. I have heard a million times how busy VC's are--they're always in a rush, can't return the call, or pass something off to an associate. When I see them blogging to extremes, it makes me wonder, not how busy they are, but HOW THEY CHOOSE TO SPEND THEIR TIME.

And sorry, if I had to choose a VC, I doubt it would be one of the ones you say "get it" just because they have a blog. I would want the ones who get: M&A, finding the best people, scaling businesses, execution, bringing in the best coaches, forming partnerships, marketing, business models, etc etc.

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