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February 18, 2006


Sounds good to me, Rick. I'm sure Mark would be happy to offer up his place :-)

Nah. Brit geek parties are too laid back, self-effacing and cynical for the scenario you just painted, Rick. At least, that's true in techie circles...

Maybe if you got into the advertising and media crowd, the desperation factor would be racheted up a few nothes...

after those last three posts, I'm going to have to consider emigrating to Canada. I wonder if my 2nd cousins in BC have some space I can rent...

Let's do that party asap. I will throw in the office space. My accesscapital firm offices from downtown house has two bathrooms but probably best-suited for 50 people.....given the amount of web 2.0 activity in toronto, that should be enough capacity...:)

Sounded like you had fun...were you going round with a wee notepad rapidly taking down shorthand ;-). I see a great alternative career as a gossip columnist.

Should do something like this in vancouver as well, there are sooo many tech companies here.

Vancouver has a big Vancouver tech show coming up.

175 local exhibitors from all areas of tech.


Thanks for the acknowledgement, but this post is priceless. "I blog about these parties, Missy,I don't do invites" I'm gonna have to steal that one. "Google me" was used on me once and I was so turned off I said "No, forget it. I don't really want any bestiality site hits coming up on my computer." Now you understand why I try to avoid these parties.

My girlfriend actually wanted me to go with her to that party. She was like "You can totally name drop 'Sand Hill Slave'to get in" Like I'm gonna out myself to get into some party..and I don't consider myself any sort of A list. Or B List. Or beyond.

Didn't know the valleywag commentator line gets you dates. I need to spread the word that I comment on their site. Oh wait..I'm anonymous. Ahhh well..

re: your party- when I'm outed, I'll make a trip up there and we'll party like it's 199...oh hold up..2006. Well, it's Bubble 2.0 (or possibly Bust 2.0) so the song still applies!

I think you need to dish more on the valley as well. Give Valleywag a run for the money. I'll referee. :-)

Sand Hill Slave

sounds like a bloggy good idea .. lets have a party in toronto !! :)-

Mark, Rick, All,

Sounds like a killer party, wish I could have made it.

But check this out:

WITHOUT free beer.

WITHOUT being techcrunched.

WITHOUT 10x the tech dev population.

WITHOUT 100x the tech venture capital.

WITHOUT naked men running around. (okay, that one is out of place ;)

That are all representative of the bay area and the killer techcrunch (that I regret missing out on).

We had ~100 people show up to the DemoCamp 3.0, when we (me and David Crow) started/hosted 1.0 at the BubbleLabs (makers of, of course, ;) in December as a spin off of David's TorCamp we had 30 people. At 2.0 in Feb, we had ~60.

Sand Hill Slave: Unlike 1999, us poor Canadian software startups that host these "parties,” we don't offer crap -- except good company (in the form of demos from passionate developers and entrepreneurs). What is like 1999 though, is that there are a lot of people that are coming out of the woodwork and taking risk in doing innovative things and neat things -- some for the money, some for the vision/fun, some for both. (I like to think that I fall into the last camp/category :)

I just came back from an ad hoc meetup, having drinks and dinner with Stowe who was visiting, with Michael O'Connor Clarke playing host at a local downtown pub. With just 2 days notice, we had something like 20+ people show up. It was great. The energy in Toronto is almost comparable to the valley during my days there in 2000. Mike A./Slave/Scoble/whomever: if you're looking for pure developer-energy/passion, not just money (because that is one spot where Canada is still greatly lacking--sufficient, true, venture capital), outside of the Bay Area... Toronto is doing pretty well relative to its very very small tech pool.

The community events that are popping up, the camps/parties/whatever, are a nice sign of good moral and passion – a great leading indicator, IMHO, of risk taking and innovation. This in turn, and I would expect, to lead to great economic growth for the region.

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