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March 05, 2006


Well said Rick. You got in everything but "before you were born." I find it hard to avoid that one myself. How did we miss each other back in the day? Suits provide jobs for ponytails. Maybe that is why ponytails resent them. But then suits can't prosper without ponytails. A good suit knows that and puts up with the bluster. Young Ryan seems promising, and he does make a lot of good points. I was a holy terror myself at 23.

"what, no Cobol?"

Actually, I did learn COBOL at OBU. But why would I put it on my resume when I don't want to work with it? :D

So that was you who got us on a sugar high? Way to go!

Snacking on some (and I use the term liberally) candy after missing lunch was the closest it felt to a camp/coder experience.

Rick, you get it, and I wish more people would look past the suit/ponytail divide.

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