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March 29, 2006


Be sure to visit Ida Davidsen's sandwich shop if you don't already know about it. It's a real treat.

have you been - what is the main theme - community?

Raja, thank you very much for the tip!

Howard, I would say the main theme is folks getting together for conversations about technology, where things are going, what is happening and the gathering is an opportunity to meet some really smart people in a European setting Europe has a different take on many of the things we do in North America so it is a conference I very much like attending, I have been in the past, yes.

Don't forget your traveller power plug. :)

It is great to see the names from last year pop up and also new ones. :))

Looking forward to seeing you here Rick! Do you know yet where you'll be staying? :)

Excellent! I've just signed up and will be there as well. I missed last years by a few days so I've been waiting a while for it. Hope to meet lots of great, creative and insightful people!

Ever visited Hamlet's Castle? =)

apparently it's located just a bit north of Kobenhavn in Helsingor (AKA Elsinore). pretty cool castle.

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