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March 01, 2006


Thanks for the link to Rachel's blog... that was a very entertaining writeup.

Like, totally.

Rick, I wish you'd tell people like the blogging CEO that he should make statements like that publicly, on his blog, and not offer him the cover of anonymity. Hey at least you told the story publicly so I could respond to it. Another thing, I'd like to know if that guy is a competitor of mine. I bet you $10 he (or she) is.

Umm.. yeah, so from now on every opinion expressed in a private email concerning Dave should be mirrored on a blog just so he gets a satisfaction of responding to it. Did I get that correct? Great stuff, keep it coming.

I don't know what it is about Dave, but I've been accused of sleeping with him simply because I use his software. Similarly, when I use a Mac, I'm doing it in order to sleep with Steve Jobs...


I think you've just found the next greatest Switch advert!

"If you use a Mac, you're one step closer to sleeping with Steve... I mean, Mr. Jobs...

... Call me..."



Yes, and it's a Unique Selling Point. Nobody is going to buy Vista to sleep with BillG. Perhaps Robert Scoble might tempt a few though.

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