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March 30, 2006


honestly, who do you really scoble and vogals are: frazier and ali? i mean, mesh would be a great place for a re-match (early summer, lots of interesting people, an audience hungry for web 2.0 information) but do you really believe scoble and vogals be game? they'd have to get in shape, find their passports, exchange some of those US$. but if they want in, give mathew a call!

Well, I'd have to check with my wife about couch availability, but I like the sound of it. We need a snappy title though, like 'The Thrilla in Manilla' or something like that. But nothing rhymes with Toronto.

Awesome blog and thanks for the reminder about the Mesh conference.

Too bad the student spaces are already filled up, and only the $350 ticket is left. In the spirit of Web 2.0, I'd rather feed pizzas to my team for 4 months, or file 2 provisional patents, or file 1 trademark application in the US.

Rick-Mark: You guys know I cannot make the date. I would hate to miss it. I would hate to not be part of it.

Rope-a-dope in The Big Smoke? No, that sux actually...

Well, if you want people to sign up for it, why not annouce that a bit earlier than just some month ahead? You know for the people who actually have to travel a bit more than just from Seattle? ;)

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