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April 27, 2006


I'm not so sure that visiting Shenzen counts as having "seen China". Its proximity to Hong Kong and the Special Economic Zone (SEC) it inhabits makes it atypical for the country.

I've been to Shenzen while working in Hong Kong, and don't count myself as having "seen China". That is reserved for a trip to Beijing later in the year.

Thanks for stopping by. I've been to China a number of times and to many different cities. I would agree that going to any one spot doesn't count as having been to a place.

So, with respect, I've seen the place. I've been on the toll road two hours out and in stopping in small towns, I've seen some amazing growth in the 22 span I've been in and out of China.

You will enjoy your trip!

Thanks for 'seeing' this place! :-)

Thanks for the travel notes. Interesting stuff. Keep it up!


Reading this reminded me of the time that you, I and a bunch of other DRGers (Robert Hess, etc) went to Hong Kong for a TechEd like show. It was part of a Hong Kong, Sydney and I think Bejing trip, though my damn boss wouldn't let me go see the Great Wall with the rest of the guys.

Good times.


Great report; brings back images of my trip to HK and Guangzhou nineteen years ago.

You talk about the change in attitude towards smoking. Do they still have the need for "No Spitting" signs? My recollection of first impressions riding the Star ferry in Hong Kong harbour on my first day in HK. This notice was painted every few meters on a "ring" running at eye level around the enclosed deck. Smoking was fine then but they obviously had the need to change habits related to spitting!

My favorite part of China was landing in Xiamen from the smaller airport in Shanghai (not pudong). Almost the entire plane stood up and started pulling down their luggage WHILE WE WERE LANDING.

Oh yeah - while you are there -- try the pickled duck tongue!.

Some of the best meals I had was following others (Chinese) into local restaurants and then pointing at what others around me where having.

Crazy place - but fun

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