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April 01, 2006


I started at 1:16. But it was so good I went back to the beginning!

very interesting..

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On the subject of Kool-Aid - Wharton School of Business offers a clip called "The Metrix" written by the Wharton Follies Writers:

.. and ..

There's a malicious truth making it's way around that:

"Angels are acting like VC's, and --
-- VC's like Investment Bankers."

What does this mean - and why should I care?

For one, it begs the question on how to achieve investor/entrapreneur focus and alignment on building vs. promoting a company.

What happened to the good old days of "building momentum and creating value"?

And who can see beyond the "Me Too, Me Also, Me Different" safety-net of what today's VC's will fund - and what might be too risky?

As Shel Israel and Rick Segal both point out - the landscape for investment is changing - but it's a slow and painful process on both sides of the table.

Wendy Kennedy [ htpp:// ] reminds us of three burning and very simple questions that go to the core of the problem that both sides of the equation need to address:

So what ?
Who Cares?
Why You?

Shouldn't both be asking ansd answering the same questions?

--- free advice follows ---

One of my father's frequent reminders,as we grew up .. that's helped navigate the roads of life ..

"never argue with a fool --
--- people have difficulty telling who's who .."

--- free advice ends ---

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