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May 12, 2006


Hmmm... I must confess to feeling under-whelmed with the industrial design of the recent flock of UMPCs. Just last night while drifting off to sleep I was wondering when Apple would show the world a proper UMPC design. Perhaps now there is something to look forward to.

BTW, great blog Rick. I've been reading you for awhile now. Sorry to have kept quiet for so long. Feel free to check out my recent posts at to learn more about me.

Buy apple stock to best take advantage. don't look further.

Possible but the upcoming Apple cell phone needs to be factored into this as well.

Nokia has an interesting 770 product that runs on Linux. Their next version will allow Skype calls.

Battery life is always an issue when these products get into real world use.

Microsoft should try to leech off apple not go against it
competitively, I saw a funny video about a microft ad campaign against apple its on my blog

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