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May 16, 2006


Thanks for a great session Rick. I thought you both brought up a lot of good points, I'm really excited about your "businesscamp" offer and it got me thinking on this supposed gap between traditional VC and certain 'web20' philosophies. more on that in my own blog here oh and a picture too.

Thanks for the great session. The one question I had on leaving, were who where the 9 companies you were talking to? I'm especially interested in booking tee times online ;) Thanks again.

The challenge has been to capture the energy and excitement that is often perceived to live exclusively in the valley.

Thomas' BusinessCamps are a great starting point for helping to infuse good business practices into the community. Boris Mann and I are feverishly working on setting up the Innovation Commons, to provide entrepreneurs, software designers, developers and technologists a way to find this community. The goal is to capture the spirit and energy to bring great people and great ideas together where they can collide (and hopefully do cool stuff). I've shared the inital seeds with Selim and Sean Wise (it was a while back and much less developed). Love to find time to share the idea with you.

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