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May 18, 2006


Dayton, Ohio, may not sound like the most interesting place in the world to check out, but we've got some regional organizations that are doing terrific things to try and boost up entrepreneurial work here. Additionally, we've got several great software developer groups working on community-building and increasing skills. (Disclaimer: I founded and run one.)

I'd love to try and work something out for you to visit this area and talk with folks here!

Heh don't forget about Hawaii! We have some amazing starts up and very creative people Take a peek at for an example on innovative group payments. We also have the nation's most aggressive investor tax credit for high tech investments. So much activity! Would love to see you guys here!!!

It'd be awesome if there were more VCs with your attitude about this, Rick.

Almost all seem to refuse to work with anyone unless they are in their geographic area (25-50 miles or so, it seems).

It's the exact reason why I'll be moving to the Bay Area in a year.

If VC opportunities were more plentiful in Phoenix, AZ (where I live now), I might consider sticking it out here.

Your journey will be productive & a neat trek 4 you as well. My partner and I have this very innovative idea/Invention that could literally change/save peoples lives & safety in bathroom tubs.Trust me many have come close but none have come up with this idea & whatever investor we get to back it(as we have not yet done presentations on it, but we have already somehow attracted some investor interest) will be very glad as many believe (& statistics show) that it would most likely be mass purchased by hospitals along with it's original intended residential use.No more falling and breaking anything in a tub, its ingenious! Im in Delaware 2hours from each-PA, NY and DC.Please let me know.AS we'd like to get this to market ASAP if anything,.. 4 helping people,you know? Looking forward to meeting the "Man With A Visionary PLan!" Thanks,A. Saracino& partner (Would like to meet & work with a man of your spirit.)

You might find Cashel, County Tipperary, Ireland interesting from the point of view that even though it's relatively small (around 15,000 residents), it attracted a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson to a greenfield site. As a result, 450 high tech jobs will ramp up before the end of 2008. The most interesting facet of this story is the role played by behind-the-scenes government grants and by Ireland's low business tax regime.

Ireland's a small player in a big global market. It's no longer a low-cost area. Attracting high tech to a high cost country something every government needs to do. If you stop by and visit, you could probably discuss how these things unfolded with the business development officer who steered the deal to completion.

Alternatively, come enjoy the scenery and Irish hospitality. I can recommend several watering holes in Cashel where there's no tab for international visitors.

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