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June 13, 2006


I can't possibly see how that would go over well. But then personally I was never a fan of the whole NDA for VC's thing anyways.

Rick, our industry has way too many non's - NDA,s non-competes, non-dilution. Then it becomes whose attorneys are more intimdating. At Gartner we would not sign NDAs but were anal about non-competes. You know how VCs are about non-dilution. Every one has a good justifcation which comes down to my interests are somehow unique. I had a large vendor wanting me to sign a 10 year NDA. what stays steady beyond 30 days? We are a smart industry refusing to acceopt that most of this is non-sense...

I've always wished I could handle my consulting business by first getting paid, then writing the proposal that seemed apt. I will gladly sign an NDA, if someone will pay me first.

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