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July 07, 2006


I live in Bulgaria and the geeks here know about mini...At least some of them.

Try mentioning AJAX and "Web 2.0" next time. The response could be similar. From my experience over here at the University of Toronto, most (not all !) folks I have come across studying engineering / computer science are not geeks - they are missing the passion which elevates an engineer to a geek status. More like wilder beasts crossing the river in a rush, without much appreciation and understanding of the environment. The audience at the local DemoCamps/BarCamps is more receptive to such topics as they tend to be voracious readers.

It's also a question of where one's interests lie.

I don't work in Microsoft space. So I'd never heard of that blog until I saw references to it here. Likewise Scoble. "Robert WHO?"

On the other hand, it remains possible that the echo chamber represents one's primary market for readers. Nothing "mini-Microsoft" has to say is of any interest to me, and I doubt anything I'd have to say would be of interest to him, so it's not exactly a tragedy for the ages that we'd never heard of each other.

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