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July 23, 2006


Heh... Stupid or not, Travelzoo is doing pretty well with those "Top 20" email subscriptions. Here's from TravelMole:

"Online travel offers firm Travelzoo has gained more than 500,000 subscribers a week for its Top 20 email newsletter within its first year of UK operations."

One would be hard pressed to find a blog with that kind of numbers for it's XML Feed subscriptions.

//P.S. Sports racer, there's only one 'e' in Ze Frank

If the advertizing is working for them, how stupid is it?

I have this theory that such ads are crafted by very smart marketers aiming at less than smart consumers.

The really sad part? You are probably dead on with that theory.

I think your echo chamber remark is pretty accurate...I think the rest of the world still works on email (actually pretty sure of it). I give them points for accepting the bogus email and not forcing you through an extra step where you go to your email. They, I hope, just filter the gunk out and move ahead.

Forcing marketers in to your program would, I think, bankrupt a lot of companies. There is marketing to people who read Scoble et al... and then there is marketing to the rest of the world. There are more people in the rest of the world than read those folks. While I agree with them, you have to match the world today not the idealized world that you want. It is not the marketers job to "make a point" but it is there job to sell product.

Bet they get enough valid emails to make this work. Sad - but I bet they do.

We have in the recent past....


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