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August 12, 2006


RSSFwd is similar

Same size audience, 19,211 active accounts.

RSSFwd knows about gmail and can thread all the stories from a site together.

It is free and open source if you want to run your own version.

These tools are great for monitoring lots of feeds with infrequent postings.

this wonderfull rss feed resources inspired me.

Thanks Rick! I gotta say, what you wrote was exactly my thinking in the last 12 months. I wasn't trying to create a business, just coding a solution to a pain.

What I can't figure out is why RSS-To-Email applications are so popular, when I can't find an Email-To-RSS app to save my life. I hate subscribing to mailing lists!

Ben: At least, for the mailing lists that Gmane carries.

This is absolutely a (standalone) business, and Randy's work with R|Mail and RSS has been enormously helpful to everyone in the area, includng us. Props and good luck.


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