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August 15, 2006


For some reason, this reminds me of the Kenner 'Star Wars" toys debacle. Kenner was caught flat-footed by the success of the first 'Star Wars' movie, and couldn't get the toys ready in time for that Christmas.

Instead of 'Star Wars' action figures, parents could buy a cardboard stand-up with a coupon for the first six action figures, redeemable the following May! Imagine the surprise of the 'lucky' kids who got these Christmas morning!

Exactly! Let's just get Vista bundled with Office 2010 :-)

Will it work outside of the US as well? :o)

And you just reminded me why I should just get a new video card now for SL and buy a PC later, later once those hardware requirements (I mean the real ones) are know.

Wanna buy Beach Front Property in Phoenix, Arizona?

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